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Electric Man 3 Game

Electric Man 3 Game

Did you like the Electric Man games so far? It would be great if a new release were made soon, but there is still not enough official information to go by. However, if there were an Electric Man 3 game I for one am certain that a lot of people would be interested in playing it. So far, the game was quite impressive in terms of its mechanics and fun factor. Bashing the enemy with kicks, punches and grabs is not a bad way to waste time on the Internet, but when you use those awesome slow motion moves things go to a whole new level! It certainly a great pleasure to pull off a slow motion punch and then follow-up with a spectacular slow motion grab which sends the enemy flying high up into the stratosphere as you deal with the rest of his bunch. But other than that mindless bashing and fighting there is not a lot for you to do, and once you win the tournament replaying the game is too boring.

electric man 3 game

Electric Man 3 Game and Gameplay Changes

What the Electric Man 3 game would really need is for the developer to make a way to have the game last longer and become more interesting to players. Including a RPG element to the whole game would be a huge plus, but the developer should not overdue it. It would be enough to include some sort of story and allow the player to make certain choice which will affect the gameplay and especially the character. In that sense it would be great if you could earn points that you can invest into certain attributes such as attack power, vitality, defense and so on. Aside from increasing your stats which make you more durable or give you a chance to dish out more damage, it would also be a splendid feature to allow your character a chance to learn brand new moves.

Including elemental powers such as fire punches, lightning kicks or super-fast speed would allow the game to have more strategy in itself along with an even more impressive fight mechanism. The graphics would, of course, have to improve as well to meet the criteria that the new Electric Man 3 would set. Visual effects that follow each of the battle moves would certainly be a plus as the current ones are almost non-existent. Aside from this it would be great to get better arenas, different backgrounds, and better soundtracks. All of these are the little things that could make a huge difference, especially to an advanced player who is searching for another flash thrill.

The current game mechanics and controls are quite alright. But having said that, players are also expecting to see the possibility to combine different moves and get a more powerful one without draining your current battery level. Including power-up and potions is a good idea according to some fans. That said, not everyone likes the idea of adding so many arcade and RPG elements into this game. However, Electric Man 3 might just come equipped with these features and hopefully it will not be a disappointment.

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