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Play Electric Man 3

Without a doubt it can be said that Electric Man is quite a popular fighting game now. However, players are quite eager to get a taste of a new game in the series and would gladly play Electric Man 3. Would you? Did you like the original game? It is a pure fighting game with a lot of action going on and a lot of different moves that the player can perform so it is safe to assume that if you are a fan of this genre, you liked the previous game. However, everyone agrees that there are certain issues with the original and that there are lot of things that could be improved the make the game much better in the newest installment.

Among other things, players have requested more battle moves, special combos and advanced moves that the player can perform in Electric Man 3, as opposed to previous versions. The only way we will be able to test this is to actually play electric man 3. These are expected to be followed by better, improved graphics that include substantially improved video effects and audio.

It would also be a great addition to the game if the player learned these moves by investing skill points into them so that players had a certain freedom of choice as well as the ability to improve the skills they like the most and customize their character.

Play Electric Man 3: The Storyline

Including a nice little storyline would also be a great place to start when created the new game. A lot of people would play Electric Man 3 to the very end if it had a good story that they could follow along. A lot of people say that a story to a fighting game is a meaningless waste of time, but the majority of players think otherwise. Adding some basic background on the characters and the tournament as well as a basic storyline that can progress as you complete the levels would certainly be a huge plus for the game.

Play Electric Man 3

As far as the enemies are concerned there were quite a lot of them in the previous game, but they failed to have a “signature move” that would make them more difficult or at least just different from the previous opponents. Since they have the names such as “The Toxic” or “The Frozen” and a matching set of graphics, why not give these opponents some elemental power as well? For example, “the Pyromaniacs” could use fire-based kicks and punches that would inflict burns that continue to deal damage. “The Frozen” could use a special slowing attack while “the Toxic” can be expected to deal poisonous damage along with their basic moves. Each of them could have their own mini-boss that you must defeat in order to progress to the next round and unlock new power-ups and special moves.

Aside from everything mentioned so far, it would be ideal to see some major improvements to graphics, particularly concerning the character models. Visual effects are not mandatory but would certainly be a nice bonus along with a couple of different soundtracks.The current “Save” features could also use an update. All of this alone would be quite a good reason to play Electric Man 3 as soon as it came out!

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