Unblocked Games – Electric Man 3

 Unblocked Games Electric Man 3

Unblocked Games Electric Man 3. Electric Man 2 is about to make way for the arrival of the third installment in the series, Electric Man 3, and will have the full, unblocked game available to play on this site. Keep checking back for updates, as we will post links below as soon as it becomes available.

Click Here to play Electric Man 3

unblocked games electric man 3

We are currently looking to expand our site to include a variety of available games. If there are any particular games that you would like to see featured on the Electric Man site, please send us an email and we will do our best to make it available.

Unblocked Games Electric Man 3 Features

There are many features that are specific to Electric Man 3. At first glance you may not be impressed. We are essentially dealing with a stick man in an age where computer graphics are more and more real to life. As you may have guessed, graphics are not key here. In fact, the lack of enhanced graphics is perhaps the real charm of the game. When you are not wowed by the special effects that you see on screen, you are instead drawn into the gameplay and the the story line behind it. Electric Man has been known to have inspired many of today’s biggest games. The moves were unique when first released, and can be found in many of today’s fighter games. There is even talk in certain circles that electric man is about to see a massive makeover, much like the way in which Grand Theft Auto went from basic overviews to first player realness over the course of just one version. This would be a dream come true for many Electric Man fans, however for now we will make do with, and enjoy, our precious electric stickman.

unblocked games electric man 3